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The Top 5 Plumbing Issues Every Homeowner in Mount Juliet, TN Should Know About

house Nick Watts Jan 3, 2024


At Star Plumbing Company, we're not just plumbers; we're your neighbors in Mount Juliet, TN. We understand the unique plumbing challenges that local homeowners face, and we're here to help. Today, we want to share some valuable insights with you about the top 5 plumbing issues every homeowner should be aware of in our community.

1. Hard Water Woes:

Mount Juliet, TN, is known for its water quality, but hard water can still be a concern. Learn how to identify signs of hard water, the impact on your plumbing, and cost-effective solutions to tackle this issue.

  • Identify Signs: Look out for scale buildup on fixtures, dry skin after showering, and spots on dishes.
  • Impact: Hard water can shorten the life of appliances and clog pipes.
  • Solutions: Consider installing a water softener and regularly clean faucets and showerheads to remove mineral buildup.

2. Dripping Faucets & Leaky Pipes:

Don't ignore those pesky dripping faucets or minor leaks. Discover how even small leaks can lead to significant water waste and potentially costly repairs. We'll share tips on how to address them promptly.

  • Consequences: Small leaks can waste a significant amount of water and increase your bill.
  • DIY Checks: Regularly inspect under sinks for moisture and listen for dripping sounds.
  • Quick Fixes: Tighten loose fittings and replace worn washers or O-rings on faucets.

3. Water Heater Maintenance:

A well-maintained water heater is essential for your comfort. Learn about the importance of regular water heater maintenance, signs that it might be struggling, and how to extend its lifespan.

  • Importance: Regular maintenance extends the heater's life and ensures efficiency.
  • Signs of Trouble: Fluctuating water temperatures, rumbling sounds, or rusty water.
  • Maintenance Tips: Drain and flush the tank annually to remove sediment and check the pressure relief valve.

4. Clogged Drains:

Clogged drains can disrupt your daily routine. We'll provide practical advice on preventing clogs and offer DIY solutions for minor blockages. However, if the problem persists, don't hesitate to reach out to our expert plumbers.

  • Prevention: Avoid pouring grease down the sink and use drain strainers to catch hair and food particles.
  • DIY Solutions: Use a plunger for minor clogs or a mixture of vinegar and baking soda for slow drains.
  • When to Call a Plumber: Persistent clogs, multiple clogged drains, or sewage smells.

5. Sump Pump Preparedness:

With Mount Juliet's weather patterns, a functional sump pump can be a lifesaver. We'll discuss the role of sump pumps, signs they need attention, and how to ensure your basement stays dry.

  • Role: Prevents basement flooding during heavy rains or snow melts.
  • Maintenance: Test the sump pump regularly by pouring water into the pit to ensure it activates.
  • Signs of Malfunction: Strange noises, continuous operation, or if it fails to activate during the test.


At Star Plumbing Company, we're not just here to fix problems; we're here to prevent them. Our commitment to the Mount Juliet community goes beyond repairs; it's about providing information and assistance to keep your home plumbing in top shape. If you ever encounter these issues or need expert plumbing advice, remember that we're your local plumbing experts, just a call away.

Have questions or need assistance with any plumbing concern? Contact Star Plumbing Company, your trusted Mount Juliet plumbers, today. We're always ready to help.